Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Razzle dazzle, man.

I'm reading a book that has me literally L(ing)OL every day!  If you are a Christian and you have been around other Christians or in church, this book will make you crack up!  It's not poking fun at Christians, but it is.  In a fun way.  All groups of people have things they do that are familiar.  Stereotypes, maybe it's called.  The book is called "Stuff Christians Like" by Jonathan Acuff.  There is also a blog that is super funny at

Laughing at yourself is healthy.  Laughing at your own stereotypes can be healthy, too.  So, I want to share with you the funniest thing I've read in the book thus far.  At least funniest to me.  You may read it and find something funnier, but that's your humor, not mine.  Get your own blog! 

Have you ever had a problem and sought out someone and asked them to pray for you?  As Christians we usually say, "Yes, I'll pray for you."  But do you really?  Sometimes we just say that to make people feel better.  Or we say it when we can't think of anything else to say.  How about instead of saying we'll pray for someone and not doing it, that we just start saying something else.  Next time your friend comes to you with a prayer request and you know you won't be making time to pray for them, just say, "Razzle dazzle, man.  Razzle dazzle." It should be awkwardly funny to say the least. 

Or if you are uncomfortable with that, maybe try actually making time to pray for your friend.  It's amazing the things God will do when we pray for His intervention!  Razzle dazzle, man.  Razzle dazzle.

Friday, September 10, 2010

OK, OK, I'm back!

I blogged once for the first time a few months ago.  Then I got caught up in the remodeling of my house (painting, decorating, painting, arranging furniture).  Then Michael had surgery on his ankle so I've had to take on the task of nursemaid...which I'm not very good at, by the way.  Blogging fell by the wayside.  But after much prodding from a few friends and a final call from my daddy, I'm back!  My dad asked me to give my daughter, Alex, rights to my blogsite so she could blog since I wasn't doing it.  So, apparently you ALL are hanging on the words I write.  :)  So, here goes:

I was at Bible Study the other night laughing with my girlfriends, eating yummy homemade treats and drinking coffee when God decided to show up.  I love when He just "shows up", by the way.  It's awesome.  We're reading through our lesson when I'm asked to look up this verse, 1 Peter 5:10.  "In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Jesus Christ.  So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation."  If you don't believe that God's Word is living and alive, well, I feel sorry that you don't get to experience that!  So many Christians don't feel that God speaks to them.  When I hear that, I wonder if that person is reading God's Word.  It's amazing what He'll say to you if you are actually searching for Him in the Bible.

Anyway, what a verse for me!  Sometimes I think the verses in the Bible were written just for Becky Corsar. :)  2010 has been a year FULL of suffering for the Corsars.  We are hoping and praying that the suffering and waiting is almost over.  But even if it's not, it's okay.  Through the pain and suffering God has restored, supported, and made us some of the strongest people you'll ever meet!  And the foundation we are built upon is the strongest it has ever been.  Not that I ever want to go through a year like 2010 again, but I'm thankful for the year 2010.  Growing into what God desires for you is painful.  It requires pruning, snipping, sacrificing, but the end result is so stinkin' amazing!  I welcome anything that God brings our way in 2011.  But I won't be praying for anything specific.  We're just along for the ride and willing to go and do anything God requires of us.  We are definitely back!