Friday, March 9, 2012


Two years.  It began with heartache, embarrassment, a crushing of the spirit.  In the middle of it, that all turned to humility and an outpouring of God's love in so many ways!  Toward the end, we are faith-filled, REDEEMED, and wanting nothing in our life unless it contains eternal value! 

Today the word that fills my heart and mind is the word, "Faithful".  Through the darkest of dark, God was right beside us and faithful.  Through the breaking of our spirits, God was faithful to not ever walk away and leave us hanging.  Through the waiting on God, although we sometimes felt He was silent, He was still faithful and right there.  Through the waiting, we serve and sit back and watch God faithfully provide our every need.  A two year journey.  That seems short in comparison to the Israelites and their 40 years in the desert.  But it has felt like an eternity! And Michael even has grey in his beard to prove it!  :)  

Not that I'm writing to say our journey is over.  I'm not convinced that our journey will ever be over.  I am writing to say that Chapter 2 is now beginning to be written.  I am humbled and overcome with emotion as I listen to this song that reminds me of God's faithfulness!
Sometimes what seems like the end of your life is actually a bright, beautiful, God-breathed beginning! Hoping you'll follow us through Chapter 2.  We appreciate your faithfulness in reading the craziness of Chapter 1!  :)