Monday, May 16, 2016

I Will Trust in You

The hardest part of parenting has to be walking with your child amidst the parameters that God has placed in his/her life.  Guiding him/her to walk the boundary areas.

God blessed me with one very obedient child and one very strong willed child.  They could not be any different!  My fleshly heart wants to view my strong willed child as "bad" and "hard".  But my spirit cries out THANK YOU to God for giving me such an awesome challenge and for the opportunity to trust Him to create the renewed heart within her.  So, the key word here is TRUST.

As a parent, I sometimes think my kids are a reflection of me.  And if they are not acting right, then I have obviously failed.  If they are acting good, then I take the credit for that.  But how wrong can that be?!  I have seen first hand that children will turn into the people God created them to be, despite the parenting they received or the environment from which they came.  My job is simply to lead my children to Christ, disciple them to live under His commands, guide them on their journey through the boundary waters, pray for them, fight for them, help them out of the pit each and every time they fall into it, and then ultimately TRUST that our Father will do the rest.

My strong willed child is designed to teach me how to trust.  And God is on a mission to teach her to trust in Him as well.  She is a follower of Christ like no other.  She lives with full abandon.  She loves God more than anything and trusts Him even through her trials. I argue with God a lot that the challenges He has placed in her life are too hard for her.  I tell Him that if He would just make things easier for her the outcome would be so much better.  Can't you just hear him laughing at my "wisdom"?!  "But, God, our evening discipleship lessons are SO hard and deep and challenging.  The questions she wrestles with are far too deep for me.  When she screams to me that she can't....I have to figure out a way to encourage her that SHE CAN! If things came easier for her, God, I wouldn't have to have all these talks with her."

Then God gave me this song, as He always does, because music feeds my soul: Lauren Daigle, "Trust in You".  And the lyrics are SO perfect.  As my baby girl learns to trust in her Father and walk the parameters that He has set out before her, I am also learning to trust my Father to do the work in her that He has promised to do.  His ways are much higher than my ways, and His outcome looks nothing like mine....thank goodness.  He gives me glimpses of His glory in her life and I know He is up to something big.  I love how He loves her.

This is a new Fight Song for you, my dear Alex, whom my heart loves....

"Letting go of every single dream. I lay each one down at your feet.
Every moment of my wandering. Never changes what You see.
I've tried to win this war, I confess. My hands are weary, I need Your rest.
Mighty Warrior, King of the Fight. No matter what I face, You're by my side.

When You don't move the mountain, I'm needing You to move.
When You don't part the waters, I wish I could walk through.
When You don't give the answers, while I cry out to You.
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You.

Truth is You know what tomorrow brings. There's not a day ahead You have not seen.
So in all things be my life and breath. I want what You want, Lord, and nothing less.

You are my strength and comfort. You are my steady hand.
You are my firm foundation, The Rock on which I stand.
Your ways are always higher. Your plans are always good.
There's not a place where I'll go You've not already stood."

Monday, May 9, 2016

Loaves and Fishes

When you do things that haven't been done before, it's always a little scary.  The unknown is always a scary place.

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  Michael, being the Single Adult Ministry Director at our church, planned a fabulous Single Mothers Banquet to honor some single moms.  You never know on events like this how many to plan for or how many will show up.  So, he made his best shot in the dark, jumped off the cliff, and abandoned the rest of it to God to show up and show out.

Several new moms showed up; one brand new single mom to our church.  I started getting nervous that we weren't going to have enough food!  So, I started the "loaves and fishes prayer". Jesus fed 5000 plus with just a few loaves and fishes, so surely he could feed my roomful of single moms and their kids.

After the banquet where everyone was fully fed, almost everyone took a to-go box home because the food was THAT good!  And I'm sitting here right now eating up the leftovers that I got to bring home.  God seemed to keep filling that buffet enough to provide for everyone....then some.

Looking back on my blogs, I've prayed the loaves and fishes prayer for almost 6 years now.  No other way to live than to just jump off that cliff, abandon it all and let God show up and show out.  He NEVER fails!