Friday, May 15, 2015

Thoughts on Year 2 of Seminary

Well, we've been in a "foreign land" now for 2 years.  In a land not particularly of our choosing, but where God chose to send us nonetheless.  Following a direction to simply, "Go". Go to school.  Michael has finished up two years of his Master of Divinity degree.  His emphasis is currently Biblical Counseling, but that may change, as he's presently leaning toward Expository Preaching.  We've been serving in several ministry capacities, but still haven't found our "niche", and haven't received any further calling.  After two years into this obedience thing, we were kind of expecting something by now.  It's still embarrassing to answer the question, "So, what are you going to school for?" or "What are your plans after your graduate?" with the answer... "I don't really know yet."

We have learned more in the 2 years we've been here than ever in our lives.  Even though Michael is the one officially enrolled in seminary, I get to learn right alongside him.  He'll be the one getting a paper diploma at the end, but I get to enjoy all the knowledge without all the studying and tests!  :)  Not only are we receiving book knowledge, but the faith lessons are unimaginable.  Watching God's provisions will never cease to amaze me.  There are still plenty of things going on that I don't understand the reasoning behind, but I'm just leaving those things in God's capable hands.

The most amazing of His provisions come in the way of people that He places in our lives.  People who come on the scene exactly at the moment we need them.  People who share stores of things in their lives that encourage us at the exact moment we need to hear them.  Friends who provide for us financially with words totally anointed by our Father.  I want to tell you about one of those instances most recently that blessed me.

Michael and I had just had a discouraging conversation of  not feeling our "calling" yet.  There are times when God is silent and you feel He has forgotten where He's put you.  You ask Him for direction and the only answer you get goes back to your original call.  Nothing new.  Can I be honest?  That is SO frustrating!  If nothing else through our journey, I'm gonna be honest.  Following God's call is NOT easy, sometimes totally not fun, and as current culture has shown's not safe!  But IT'S GOOD!  It was at this exact moment of discouragement, we received the most anointed note from a dear friend encouraging us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. She wrote, "Our ministry IS the journey.  We tend to look too far ahead sometimes."  How could this friend have known this was our struggle unless God prompted her to pray this and encourage us in this exact area?!  God is so good!

That's probably the best lesson from 2 years of seminary.  God is good.  Even though He can be hard, He's good.  Even though we don't understand, He's good.  When I doubt Him and fail him, He's still good.  And He still continuously shows me that this verse was written for me: "God directs the steps of the godly.  He cares about every detail of their lives." Psalm 37:23

Every detail.  All the time.