Saturday, June 21, 2014

God is good...again.

That song, "One Thing Remains" has a line in it that reverberates in my soul.  "...on and on and on and on it goes.  It overwhelms and satisfies my soul."

Overwhelms.  Literally God's love breaks you from the weight of it.

I have to share another God story for you.  We are keeping our life as transparent as possible to show you the awesomeness of our Father.   I was at Student Life Mission Camp this week with Alex.  A great week of following God's call to missions and sharing His love with others.  The pastor for the week was Tony Merida, a great pastor from right here in Raleigh!  One night he shared a story with us to bring to life the verse in Philippians 4:19, "My God will supply all your needs...".  The story was of a youth minister he knows who had about $0.13 in his bank account. (Yes, we can relate to that right now.) This man and his wife needed simple things like milk and toilet paper that they couldn't provide that week. They decided nothing was too small for God to provide, so they prayed for toilet paper. That night as they slept, their youth group did what teens typically do to their youth ministers as a silly prank...they TP'ed their house!  They got spooked and only used one roll, then left the huge bag they had bought (of Charmin, by the way) on the porch.  The youth minister walked outside the next morning to a huge bag of super nice toilet paper on his porch.  Did God provide toilet paper?  YOU BET!

Of course, this story made me tear up like a baby in chapel that night.  I was telling the story to Michael when we got home and Alex said, "Seriously, mom.  You cried over the toilet paper story?"  Yes, dear one, I did.  Because God's love overwhelms and satisfies my soul and He has done the same thing for me.  My friend Tabitha provided super amazing toilet paper for us when Michael was unemployed a few years ago. I wrote about that in one of my blog posts a ways back if you want to read about that.

Anyway, this morning Michael walks out to his car to get something and notices a gas leak all over our driveway from his car.  He knows nothing about cars and fixing them.  This sounds like an expensive problem to fix and we don't have ANY extra money to get that fixed.  So I said, "Pray for toilet paper!" I am NOT exaggerating this story, just so you know...but right after that I start to open the mail that Michael had just brought in. In my soul something said, "Prepare to be amazed..."  I blew it off as my mind playing tricks on me.  I open some junk mail, then I see an envelope from Armed Forces Insurance which was the home owners insurance we used in North Dakota.  We had failed to cancel our policy after we sold our house a year ago!  They were sending our refund check in the amount of $1400. There was a second check in the envelope for $7.00.  Michael said, "I wonder what the $7 check is for?"  I said, "Well, that's just reminding us that this money is from God...because isn't 7 the number for God?  The number of completion?" We stood in the kitchen right there crying.  Being overwhelmed and satisfied.  Knowing that God cares about everything we need.  Even toilet paper.  And money to get the car fixed.

Prepare to be amazed.  God is good.  On and on and on and on it goes.  Again.