Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Truth About Me

I'm perfect.  Really, I am.  Not in a haughty manner, but that's just how God created me to be.  He sees me as absolutely perfect.  I'm learning to see myself in the exact same way.  God introduced a book to me within the past few months called Your Secret Name.  He then re-iterated my need to read this book by giving me a song by Mandisa (He knows how much I love her!) called "The Truth About Me".

God has never seen me as a screw up.  He's never seen me as a basket case or some horrid mistake that He created.  He created me to be something that could be used by Him.  Bumps, warts, bruises, and all. Even when I make mistakes and mess up, He STILL uses that!  He truly amazes me.

I started a bible study tonight using Your Secret Name (great book, by the way).  And God assembled the most amazing group of ladies to join me.  Just some friends I pulled together, but we had the best time this evening...and that was just the introduction night!  I'm super excited to what God will be showing us within the next few months.

When you leave things up to God, He makes things absolutely perfect.  My life has been left totally up to Him, and He has redeemed me, cleansed me, and is revealing the truth about me.  My friend stated tonight, "You can't afford to not view yourself the same way God views you!"  How true!  I'm a worth no one could estimate!  And so are you!  Believe it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amazing Grace

I haven't blogged in FOREVER!  I also feel like I haven't heard from God in forever, too.  Now that life is a little more 'manageable' for us, I guess I've wandered away from God's presence.  When our trials were raging full force I was reading my Bible every day.  I remember reading about the Israelites and God's big huge blessings on them, His obvious hand in their lives, the way He constantly saved them from their enemies.  Then just a short time later they would be turning their backs on Him and "abandoning the Lord."  At the time I was thinking, "How in the world could they do that?!"  Now, I look at myself and am amazed that I am no better than the Israelites.  I feel I need God when life is falling down around me, but when He helps put my feet back on steady ground, I wander off...assuming I've got everything under control.

Luckily, I've began to catch that trend in my life and have recently put a stop to it.  I'm not going to wander so far off that we fall off the path again.  I'm making my way back to God who is still standing in the same place He was standing when I wandered off.  God continues to put the story of Jonah in my life.  It keeps popping up everywhere. So, I'm going to have to examine that further and see what He is trying to tell me from that story.  Expect a blog sometime when I figure that out in some "Aha!" moment.

The other day I was reading in Judges about Samson.  What a mighty strong man he was, but what a jerk as well.  He had wandered SO terribly far off the beaten path.  But God still used him in a mighty way.  The footnotes in my Bible state, "In spite of Samson's evident failures, the Spirit's presence was powerfully at work in him."  Despite myself, my sinfulness, my lack of motivation, my irritability, etc, God can still use me to accomplish what He needs to accomplish.  I want to strive to be more filled with God.  I'm a human and I'm going to mess up, but luckily God gives me grace for those times in my life.  He knew ahead of time that Becky was going to need tons of grace.  The Israelites were going to need tons of grace.  You were going to need tons of grace.

Amazing grace.  How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.